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Our Awesome Features

DreamozTech token crypto version is built on the Waves block chain platform, one of the fastest digital currency with low fees for sending and receiving payments and earning rewards. Integrate tokens with other platforms DOGE, XLM, Binance (BNB) and non-crypto platforms.

Wallet or Bank Account

Create your account in DreamozTech to redeem your rewards to crypto wallet or bank account.

Sign up & Referral Bonus

Earn 1000 DreamozTech tokens when you sign up and extra 500 tokens when your account is linked or referred.

Earn Token Rewards

Receive DreamozTech tokens for creating digital contents, selling, buying and reviewing products.


About Us

DreamozTech web builder is an online search engine optimized platform where you can create optimized contents. Our SEO platform allows you to be creative, while still helping you boost your SEO ranking.

Build your responsive, mobile friendly, dynamic and search engine optimized web apps. Update and manage your contents instantly. Allow easy integration with other platforms Ecwid, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Products and others.

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Product Services

DreamozTech tokens is one of the fastest growing digital tokens. Built in Waves block chain platform, verified asset, 100% transparent and secure.

Secure Wallet

The safety of your digital assets is maintained by the Waves Platform open protocol.

Faster Notifications

Waves is set to become the fastest decentralized block chain platform globally.

Exchange Service

Buy and sell DreamozTech tokens from Waves.Exchange. Invest and trade tokens with the Lowest Fees.

Complete Solution

Anonymity and Privacy. Content management, web app integration, e-commerce, send and receive payments.

Trading Platform

Execute trades swiftly and securely. Block chain provides transparency of all operations and smart contracts code.

Control over Funds

All web traffic and private keys are encrypted, hold and invest for long term. Nobody but you can access your token.

DreamozTech Tokens

To redeem points you must have minimum 10000 tokens in balance. To earn tokens sign up now and start completing product reviews.

Sign Up

1000 DreamozTech

Referral Bonus

500 DreamozTech

Create Contents

50-100 DreamozTech

On Purchases

2% DreamozTech

Product Reviews

2000-10k Tokens

Why DreamozTech Tokens?

  • Earn tokens by referring your friends, connecting your wallet and every time your buy or sell products.
  • Earn tokens by creating contents, engaging your customers and completing product reviews.
  • Earn tokens by staking to earn interest, lower transaction fees and faster processing.
  • Stand out in the digital market and be first to earn tokens from your contents and pages.
  • Empower yourself with the new token to share, works all the time anywhere and everywhere.
  • Smart and secure way to invest and earn income. Easy Implementation on any platform and devices.
  • No investment risk, safe and secure way to improve your savings. Earn rewards and convert to cash.
  • Use your existing currency for handling payment transactions using DreamozTech block chain platform.

Great Efficiency Like Never Before

Waves is an open block chain protocol and development tool set for Web 3.0 applications and decentralized solutions. Waves.Exchange allows you to execute trades swiftly and securely, regardless of whether you're trading via mobile app, desktop client, web wallet, or the Waves API.

Exchange Tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use DreamozTech easily. Below you`ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about.

Not required, if you are transferring to your crypto wallet, you have the option to convert DreamozTech tokens to WAVES, USDT, USDC or any other currencies available in the platform.
DreamozTech token is built on the Waves block chain platform and can be developed in other platforms such as DOGE, XLM, Binance (BNB).
Once you have signed up you will receive 1000 DreamozTech Tokens. If you are referred or you have referred someone you will earn 500 tokens. You can earn more tokens by completing product reviews and creating contents.
No, DreamozTech is designed to enable users, business and stakeholders to earn rewards by building web and mobile apps for their business needs.
Yes, you can setup your bank account details for making payout. When withdrawing your tokens you can choose wallet or bank account.
Depending on the number of product review you complete, more you complete more you earn. Each product reviews is between 500-2000 tokens.